Mom passed Sunday. We are working on post-mortem paperwork. No estate and inheritance tax filings needed due to value of estate.

The Executor/daughter lives in home with mom and is on deed/mortgage.

Do we need to file an L-9 form?

Read that 50% of the monies in estate account have to be left there and that no bills or admin costs paid from this amount until all tax forms in. Does this pertain to an L-9 form also since we don't have to do estate/inheritance tax forms?

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Don't confuse IRS rules with Florida probate laws and Florida tax laws. You really should get an attorney or at least a consult with one.
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I'm sorry to learn of your loss; it can be such a challenge to deal with the post-mortem tax issues, so please do take some time for yourself to be with your family just to be together and remember your mother.

Your profile doesn't have "Answers" enabled, so I'd have to search to find them, but GSA has a good memory, so I'll assume that there were some issues with the house and good standing of the mortgage.

However, I did find that an L-9 is a NJ form, so I would recommend (a) researching NJ's website to learn more about the requirements as well as (b) contacting a CPA.

I did find only a little bit of information. Google "L-9 form" and check out the 5th hit, with a response by TurboTax. It raises issues that we really can't answer w/o knowing more about the value of the house, etc.

This REALLY is an issue for a CPA.
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PLEASE talk to an accountant certified in income and property taxes for your state/mother's state of residence and an elder attorney regarding your prior questions about the house being "under water" etc. Since your mother died in 2016, there will be taxes to file for monies received before and after her death for federal and state authorities. Speaking from personal experience after my own mother's death, the lawyer and CPA we used to close out my mom's estate were worth every penny to make sure we didn't miss anything. And I'm a CPA. - If you are unsure about forms to file, please get a professional that will look at things without a cloud of grief. I am so sorry for your loss - my mom passed five years ago this Saturday.
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