I'd love to hear your recommendations for or experiences with camera monitoring systems. My in-laws live just a few doors down from us. FIL is 85 and has Alzheimer's -- late middle stages, I'm guessing. MIL is 82 and is on dialysis 3x a week, very frail and probably in the early stages of dementia. So far, he is still safe to be left alone for brief periods of time during the day, although we check on him frequently. We're interested in installing cameras in the main areas inside and outside their home so we can check on him more frequently and more conveniently. We'd also like a system that will notify us if outside doors are opened day or night. He's not wandering (that we know of!), but we worry that he is or will. Thanks for your advice! I'm new to this forum, but I've already learned SO MUCH!!

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First, I'm not sure what happened with the title of my post. Oops! Sunnygirl1, thank you for your thoughts. Yes, their (multiple) physicians are all aware of their living situation, as is their attorney. They are visited 2x a week by a home health nurse, PT, and OT. We are in and out of their home multiple times a day for various reasons, as they live just a few doors down. We have hired a companion, a house keeper, and home care provider for several hours a day. We pay bills and manage meds. Other than the possibility of wandering (hence the camera/alarm request), I'm not sure how their current living arrangements are much different than assisted living. We really are trying to cover all the possible angles.
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Others opinions may differ, but, except for the early stages, I don't see how it's safe for someone to live alone, even with cameras being installed. Plus, he's taking care of another senior who has serious medical problems and dementia? I'd discuss this with their doctors. Are they aware of the set up? I'd try to evaluate the many risks that are associated with the arrangment.

I'd also consult with an attorney before setting up any recording equipment in someone's home, as there are state and federal laws that could apply.
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