HI, My mom have some aging issues so that she is not able to stand and work for a long time like earlier. She is very strict in maintaining her home's cleanliness. Her vacuum is dead now. I said her to keep an assistant so that she has some relief. But she want to do it herself. If someone can suggest a quality cleaning equipment, that will be much useful for my mom. Any suggestions for that? I will be really grateful.

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Thank you. I think HEPA filters are very helpful.
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If it's just cleaning that's needed, you do have a few options. You can hire a service like Molly Maid, but call several companies and get prices as well as find out if they serve your mother's area. I've learned that in private duty as well as some home care companies, they're franchised and serve only specific areas.

As to quality cleaning equipment, there are some good vacuum cleaners, but make sure you get one that has a HEPA filter. I have an old Hoover that's better than any I've ever had. I also have a smaller German vacuum that's good, but it can't clean like my Hoover with 2 motors.

Private duty agencies/companies can also provide someone to do housekeeping chores, but you likely might have to sign a service agreement or contract, and I suspect they wouldn't have access to higher powered equipment as would a cleaning company.

I had a disaster restoration do some cleaning - they were reasonably priced, fast and hard working, and brought with them green cleaners as I requested as well as an air scrubber which is far more powerful than a home air cleaner could ever be.
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