He can walk around by himself, he just thinks I should be here 24-7. If I tell him I'm leaving & where I'm going, he starts looking for me.

Are you looking for someone who could stop by and stay with him for a while? Where I live, Visiting Angels is a favorite amongst seniors and caregivers. My mom was getting ready to complete the applications when she was suddenly diagnosed with metastatic cancer. She never had the chance to use them but many of her friends did.
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I'm in the UK, but I just googled home care services in your area and immediately found three agencies that offer the sort of support you want - "companion" or "companionship" is the category to focus on.

You might find this tricky, though, if you're an occasional or random user. Is there any way that you could rough out a weekly schedule and give yourself regular time out?
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Do you have Uber in your neighborhood? If so you can utilize them.

Also call your county department of Aging to apply for county transportation. You have to apply for it and your fee to use the service is based on your income. Usually these services provide curb to curb transport; no driver will go to the door and get him as they have others who depend on that bus to get them to doctors appts, etc.

Supermarkets are now offering grocery delivery online and many folks are quite satisfied with it. There are additional fees attached according to need.

Some pharmacies still deliver medications. Or go mail order for prescriptions.

I hope all works out for you.
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rhoadescr97, does your area have on-line groceries? My local grocery store is in partnership with what is called Peapod, where I go onto the Peapod website, do my grocery shopping, and the next day or so, I can either have the groceries delivered to my house or pick them up using curb side service. Walmart is now doing that, too. It has been a godsend using this type of service.

I see from your profile that your Dad has Alzheimer's/Dementia, and that your brother is taking care of your Mom. Your Dad probably confused why your Mom isn't there, and if you are not in the house, that can make him very nervous. It's probably to a point where your Dad should not be left alone.
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worriedinCali May 29, 2019
There is also instacart, sounds like peapod is like instacart but instacart will deliver in a hour though. Also if you have Safeway, your local store may offer grocery delivery.
Are there any adult day care programs in your area, or a senior center?

Then you could drop him off, go do your errands, and pick him up later.
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Check for charitable companion sitting in your area.

It is highly unlikely you will find anyone available at a phone call, mostly you have to schedule day and time for someone to be there. No spur of the moment moments for caregivers.

Have you contacted your local area on aging? They can help direct you to resources.
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