Is there any medicine to help prevent falling and balance problems?

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Not that I know of, but a thorough medical workup might tell you why the person has balance problems, and sometimes these can be addressed through physical therapy. And in the case of balance issues caused by hydrocephalus, through surgery. You really need to know the cause in order to address it.
And some meds will exacerbate balance issues. Unfortunately, I can’t recall which ones. Other folks here might know.
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perry217, does your Mom feel dizzy when trying to walk around. If yes, ask the doctor for a prescription for Anti-Vert... now a days it can only be had in generic form [Medlizine] and it works ok, I use it on a regular basis.

My Mom swore by Anti-Vert for herself, but didn't like the generic pills. So I tried anti-histamines and that seem to help Mom. But only did so with Mom's doctor's approval.
Thanks for posting this, freqflyer. I'd never heard of anti-vert. My mother's balance issue and falls are not associated with dizziness but a combination of other problems.
The first prescription should be a physical therapist assessment. Mayby a home inspection for fall risks.b Balance problems could be neurological or physical from arthritis or bone and joints . Fall risks are preventable.
If it's due to light-headed, low pulse and low blood pressure, YES. My DH takes 0.1mg Fludrocortisone daily and it has made all the difference in the world with his previous balance and falling. It took forever to get diagnosed and we ended up "self-diagnosing" by keeping a log of pulse and BP.

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