We have provided my 93 year old father, who lives 600 miles away, with a live-in caregiver (since he has dementia and is now fairly feeble). I would like to have a daily log of important matters: if anyone visited, if he had a bad night's sleep, doctors visits, etc. Can anyone recommend a simple Android phone app, that both the caregiver and I can access, that can be used to record this information?

I looked at journaling apps, but none jumped out as being the right thing. Possibly a calendar app would work, but I have not explored those fully.


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When my Dad had caregivers, 3 shifts each day, the Agency gave me a daily 3-ring binder journal book for the caregivers to write in. This way, each shift knows what was done by the previous shift, and when and what Dad had to eat, etc. Any time I stopped in to visit Dad, I could go though the journal.

After awhile, the journal was pretty much ground hog day. And I noticed not all the caregivers were still writing. Mainly if a caregiver had vacuum the rugs, or changed the sheets, etc. so there no duplication the next day.

All the caregivers were very attentive, and if Dad was having an issue, the caregiver would give me call. Hearing it by a phone call is a lot easier then texting all the information.
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