No breaks, can't sit down and eat, still haven't been paid, family keeps making promises and it never happens, no day offs, I get reprimanded like a 4 year old child, threats of being put on the streets, no bed or room sleep on the floor, physical abuse by her son, she uses a my food stamps and any money I do receive from family and friends, insists that I feel clean on a daily, her refusal to change and bathe her.

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If you are an adult, call APS, Adult Protective Services, to get protection for yourself.
If you are a child, call CPS.

Social Services may intervene, because there are laws and rules about how
A N Y O N E is to be treated in the United States of America.

Physical abuse is a crime, as well as extortion, imprisonment, making threats.
Labor Laws require a person be paid, have breaks, days off, and more.
Theft of food stamps is a crime. Call your caseworker (food stamps) to report.
If you have family and friends, call them right now to come and take you out of there. Call APS on your way out the door if a vulnerable elder is going to be left
without needed care, this to cover any liability.

Living conditions also require a bed.

Do this, no matter if you are a citizen or not.
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If you are an employee of the person you are caring for (or of the family of the person) you are entitled to pay. You are entitled to days off. They can not make you work 24/7/365.
Report this to the State Labor Department.
You might even want to hire a lawyer to get back pay and any overtime pay you are due. (State Labor Board might help with this otherwise check with the county court and get the number for the Bar Association someone may want to take this)
Next time you are physically abused call the police to report the abuse.
You could also report the abuse of your Food Stamps by the family (at least that is what I think your comment means)
Next time they take money that has been given to you by friends or family call the police and report the theft.
If nothing else it is time to get out of the situation even if you never get paid is the possibility of getting back wages enough to put up with the abuse, the slavery that you have endured? Might be time to cut your losses and walk out.
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worriedinCali Jul 2019
She wasn’t their employee. She was paid by the state through IHSS but her ex’s mother is no longer eligible for the program. It makes no sense to hire a lawyer because the person she is taking care of has no money—she wouldn’t have been on IHSS if she did, it has the same requirements as Medi-cal. The only way she can get back wages is if the exs MIL gets back on IHSS & it’s retroactive.
You aren’t a paid caregiver and you aren’t an officially employee so why not just leave? Your profile says you are taking care of an abusive ex’s mother.

Not it be harsh but it sounds like you need to grow a stronger backbone and leave. Do you have anywhere to go? Your ex’s mother isn’t your responsibility. Why are you giving her money and your food stamps? You are the one taking care of her so why are YOU paying for it?? She’s no longer eligible for IHSS which is how you were being paid. so if you aren’t being paid, LEAVE. You already receive assistance—so go to social services to the job center and find new employment. You are on foodstamps so you have access to the employment training and job bank at the DSS. You are already an IHSS caregiver so you can easily find another caregiving job through IHSS if you wish to continue being a caregiver. Bottom line-the situation is no longer safe if you are being physically assaulted. Please get out
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In my opinion you need more than a couple of days off. You are an unpaid caregiver, and the family is using your food allowance, so you’re basically paying them. And they are abusive. I would recommend gathering your belongings, and leaving permanently. If you are living there and have no where else to go immediately, I would go to a woman’s shelter for help.
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Call the Area Agency on Aging to learn of resources available.

How did you end up in this situation?

I would figure out a way to get out of there permanently, there are resources to help you do just that, as well. Check with your social worker.
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