Is there a phone app for monitoring an aging parent?


Hello everyone. I am hoping someone may have an idea of an application for an aging mother that she can put on her phone to notify her children when something is awry. She is very active and uses her phone often, and she does live alone. She is mentally and physically in good health, but the fear is that if she were to fall or be otherwise unconscious we may not realize quickly enough. We do not want something that she has to actively engage with, because we do not want it to constantly remind her that she is aging. Ideally, this would be a phone app that runs passively in the background (and could check that she is using/moving her phone ), though other suggestions are appreciated!

For example, it could be something that sends a notification when she hasn't moved her phone in 18 hours. The closest we have gotten is the app ManDown, but it requires that she remember to turn the app on periodically and it seems to drain battery quickly.

Thanks in advance!

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There is an app called Alfred that is more like a home security. You need wi fi and an old cell phone with a camera. My son has 2 old phones, one at his door and the other in his living room. When it senses movement, it starts to record. It even shows up on his cell. If you have access to the equipment you will at least be able to know that she is up and about.
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This sounds like a good idea. I know very little about apps.
I have the ARLO cameras at my aunts house. They run on rechargeable batteries. The feed goes to iCloud. I have an app on my cell phone that accesses the feed. I can see current or saved views of her moving about in her home. She is aware that the cameras are there but she forgets about them. All we have to do is check the app and we can check on her.
This isn’t exactly what you asked for but it allows us to see that she is fine.
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