Is my grandma at the end?


My grandma is 93 with advanced stage Alzheimer's. I am wondering if her end is drawing near. She has been slipping out of chairs, today she is lethargic and she was started on an iv. She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t walk well with out assistance. She is in a memory care unit. I have never been through a loved one with Alzheimer’s before, not sure if it’s a sign of the end or just a bug.



As others here know, I went through this with my dad, also 93, many times. Many times I thought he was at the end only to have some "better" days after. (and he was in worse shape than your grandma based on the sounds of it. My dad was bed and wheelchair bound. ) Then, when I thought he might be fine for a while, he passed away. People here advised me before hand there is no knowing, and I know first hand we want to know. Garden Artist gave me tons of good advice over the time so I would listen to what she has to say above.
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Purple, the best thing to do is ask the nurses in the memory care unit. They would know why an IV was started, and they can observe her behavior and compare it to known signs of end of life. They're there to help your grandmother, and can offer insights that others might not see.
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