She couldn't really even walk and then made a miraculous recovery. I'm her caregiver and due a trip home, but I'm afraid to in case she passes away and I'm not there. Is this the calm before the storm I wonder?

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They're not going to do dialysis because of her age,she on nothing at the moment,a phlebotomist is due out to do a blood test next week,the nurse couldn't get a vein. So we'll see what that shows up.we told family members when she was bad and now they see her as bright as a button, so they're thinking I'm a drama queen Hahahaha,which is very hurtful I've moved from Ireland to care for her which I love don't get me wrong so I don't know what's's really good to chat to someone else that's been through it.
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My mom also had sepsis in November and is nearly 95
She has periods of deep sleep for a day where nothing will rouse her and then the next day she'll be alert and hungry
As long as she's not showing signs of infection - high BP , high respirations and fever, and she doesn't go more than a day without fluids then I'm not sending her out to hospital
Unfortunately, she lost her walking mobility last year - probably light stroke

If your aunt is in renal failure, how is she being treated ?
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She had sepsis in November and we were told she had kidney failure but doing well up to now,
She just got so weak about two weeks ago she couldn't walk and sleeping most of the time and like I said she's walking by herself with her stick and is awake most of the day.I moved  over from Ireland to care for her here in the uk, I don't know if I should take my trip home or not, thanks for replying.
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It's really hard to tell without more information. Can you tell us a bit more about your aunt? Do you live with her? What are her medical conditions?

My mom, who lived to 97.5 had a number of times where I thought, "This is the end" but she'd bounce back. It was very hard to know what was going on at the time. With my mom, who had different heart issues, she started having "episodes" in February where she would go semi-comatose for about 30 minutes. Then she'd wake up and seem to be OK. That went on several times a week (that I saw - I didn't live with her) and in May I called in hospice and she passed away a week later. As she got nearer to passing, she was semi-comatose more of the time. She'd still have periods where she would be up and about and say she was "back". But then the next day, she'd be semi-comatose again.

If you tell us more, you will get better information. Are you in the UK by chance? If you're in the US, have you called in hospice? They can generally give you a pretty good idea of where your loved one is in the process if they're nearing their end of life. If it was me, I'd still take your trip home. Life goes on. You could stay and your aunt could pass while you're in the next room (that happened to me and my mom). You just don't know how it's going to go. And it's important to take care of yourself and your mental health and happiness.
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