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Before considering moving her, make sure any move will benefit her with higher ratio of staff to residents, or a higher level of care. They have many residents to care for. My mom's behaviors were such that a outside caregiver had to be hired by mom because she needed more companionship.
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ALs usually have different steps of care. People have said some go by care points. My Mom was 4 which was the top cost.

What kind of care do you want for Mom?
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Have you tried calling a Care Conference? You are entitled to do that any time you feel the need. Some times you just need one on one time with everyone involved so everyone is on the same page. Make sure staff such as the Director of Nursing and any therapists involved are there. Write down what you want to say and also their answers. Be calm but firm. Changing facilities is a drastic measure for someone with dementia or kther mental issues and should be a ,ast resort. No facility is perfect and it’s better just to exhaust all avenues at the present one.
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