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We don’t have a contract. They were let go when I ran out of money. Then I had to live with my loved one for 8 months until he passed. There is no money to be had 🤷‍♀️
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That caregiver has done so much, not only for your loved one, but for you as well. If this person was paid legally with unemployment taxes, social security, etc withheld, only then would unemployment even be available. If paid under the table there is no unemployment. If paid a severance, then unemployment would not be available until the weekly unemployment amount equals the severance amount.

I would not hesitate to pay one or two months of severance. How fortunate you were to have someone you could rely on for the care of your loved one! Always remember to treat people the way you want to be treated.
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What an interesting question and I don't really have an answer. Are they ASKING for a severance? If so I would say check your contract; if you don't have one I don't think you "owe" this other than possibly out of the goodness of your heart if you can afford this. Sure will be interested in the opinions of others. It would take time for this worker to find another job. But I would think there would be the normal unemployment with that? Sorry for the loss of your LO., Diva.
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