My mom was quiet active until she broke her hip. Since then she has lost interest in activities she was doing prior to the injury. What can I do or how do I help her to stay active with her mind?

Can you find a scaled-down version of something she was doing before? Something simpler, perhaps something that would be prep for her usual activities when she hopefully gets going again? If she is feeling over-whelmed, she may still appreciate the need to do something, anything, and be willing to try something simple. Hopefully, she just needs to mark time for a bit before she picks up too much.
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Losing interest in activities one found enjoyable is a classic sign of depression.
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Your mom has gone through more than a few changes lately. She has left her home and is now living with you. Now, she has broken her hip (from a fall?). There is probably more than a little pain involved from her hip. Plus, she is realizing that she is at a point in her life that she needs help and right now, she needs a lot of help because of her hip. That’s a very difficult realization for us Senior Citizens.

Give her some time to get used to this new life she is living. Don’t rush her to start a whole bunch of new activities and other new things. She may be afraid to attempt the activities she did before her injury. If she is involved in physical therapy, let her handle that now. Then, after a while, it’s ok to ask her what sorts of things she’d like to do. After all, she knows best what she’d like to do and not do.

If her mood and disinterest seems to be dragging on into the spring and summer, speak with her doctor.
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