Is it dementia when they suddenly don't remember anything? -

Is it dementia when they suddenly don't remember anything?


But yet if she wants to remember it she does, so is she acting? It's like I need the peace of mind I set the emergency detention order and she doesn't know cause it is the only way. Cause I arranged for her a very nice place with good doctors at geriatrics and I guess I need my own peace of mind. Any answers would be appreciated. I know I've had a hard time letting go and thank you for helping me thru it. And your patience is greatly appreciated.



This is a wonderful, helpful site with people who genuinely want to help you and care about you. You can do lots of research on this site and ask questions of people who have been there, done that.

Dementia rears it’s ugly head in different ways and on different schedules for every person. But one of the consistents is how we react. My mom was an Drama Queen Extraordinaire but I knew she wasn’t “acting” when she told me she recognized me as a co-star of hers when she was doing stage plays in New York.

It’s more understanding than “letting go”. Your mom is still your mom. She will have good and bad days. It is important not to try to correct her if she is having a day in the Twilight Zone. Research the Theraputic Fib here. The more you educate yourself and understand what’s happening, the better you will cope.
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Typically, dementia doesn't come on suddenly. There are signs and symptoms that usually end up leading to a diagnosis of dementia at some point. And while dementia can wax and wane throughout the day it doesn't usually pop up regarding certain issues and then go away for other issues.
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Thank you. I been trying to just make my peace w it best I can. But thank you for answering back
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Does it really matter? - whether she genuinely doesn't remember, or is pretending because she just doesn't want to talk about it, I mean.

I think this is an example of being careful which battles you pick. Do you really need her to remember the events and problems that led to your seeking the EDO? Will it make any difference to how you get through the next steps?

Focus on what matters, which is getting her and her things ready for the nice new place. Look forward! Things are going to get better from here.
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