Dad is on Medicare, SNF has mostly semi private rooms as they are a certified SNF by Medicaid in Florida and Medicaid only pays for a semi private room. The SNF usually assigns its available single rooms to private pay patients. I would be willing to pay the upgrade in room charge to get dad a private room so long as the provider would not have an issue receiving the Medicaid reimbursement for the semi private rate and so long as my dad's Medicaid eligibility would not be lost.

My limited understanding is that family supplementation is a state by state issue with regards to Medicaid.

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Florida is one of the states that does allow families to supplement the cost of a private room for Medicaid recipients. So you Should be able to do it as long as the facility is agreeable.
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You don't mention what state you a dad is in. I'm wondering if it is possible to come to an agreement with the SNF so that your payments for a private room are not connected to his account. There is a lot of complicated billing stuff that goes on in facilities, but maybe consult with an elder law attorney who has Medicaid experience in your dad's state to ask the question and get a reliable answer.

Do you know the monthly cost to cover the balance of a private room? We were forced to take up the difference in cost of a private room when my MIL went into a NH for urgent LTC placement as a Medicaid recipient and the only room they had was private. We three siblings split the cost of $600 per month. We did that for about 1 year until a semi-private opened up. That was back in 2016 in a very small facility with minimal offerings. This was in MN and there didn't seem to be any Medicaid impact.

FYI we moved her to a closer facility in the summer of 2019. A larger complex that had just added more Medicaid beds. Faith-based organization. She had roommates the whole time until recently she got covid in May 2020. They moved all the sick residents to a covid wing on the 1st floor. When she recovered they moved her to a private room. No explanation, but she of course loves it. She has short term memory loss and very minimal dementia. All her roommates had been very compromised, but my MIL is quite pleasant and sweet. I think the staff really likes her and realizes she'll be there for probably a long time (since she has no real health issues, just refused to get out of bed and now physically can't). I don't know any other reason why she's in there except for opportunity and compassion.
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