My dad's previous nursing facility sent me a $43000.00 bill after he left there. $8000.00 is money I owe on his behalf which I'm willing to pay ( It went to a collection agency)and I've informed the agency by letter that I will do that.
The rest is the charges from a 3 month waiting period for Medicaid, which ended in denial but he was approved the following month.
The admission agreement only holds me responsible for my dads income not to pay privately if he didn't have the money.
I'm seeking counsel but I just can't believe this could happen. They nearly killed my dad with dehydration at the time. I had to send him to the hospital because he was near death from being dehyrated and no one moved to do anything.
Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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This is exactly why we advise to never sign admission paperwork to a NH stating that you will be responsible for any bill of the person being admitted.

as long as you didn't sign paperwork, the bill is not yours to pay.
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Arcmiddle14 Jan 27, 2021
I had no idea that the Agreement is a legal contract.
I understood I owed his income but never anything else. He was not private pay and the facility understood that upon admission
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Unless you signed off to be personally responsible on your dad’s admission paperwork, it’s not your bill. Any debt he had was his when alive or a debt of his estate. If he died with no assets, there was no estate that warranted opening probate or dealing with MERP (Medicaid estate recovery program) beyond the questionnaire.

so the 8k, why is it really your debt?
did you in writing clearly state your responsibility for the 8k to the NH or the debt collection outfit?
id suggest that you ckearlybsieak with your atty as to if any of the 43k or 8k can actually be placed on you first and foremost. Personally I think on your own you can deal with the secondary and third level debt collection bottom feeders IF you respond to them within the 30 day required under Federal consumer laws. If your way way past that, or if it’s gone to getting a judgement against you, yeah, it’s on your atty to deal with it and get it settled,
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JoAnn29 Jan 26, 2021
"The admission agreement only holds me responsible for my dads income not to pay privately if he didn't have the money."

I have a feeling this means his Social Security and any pension he may have had.
Yes, working with a collection agency is fruitless. Like Alva said, they buy Accounts Receivables but do not have the details. Its up to the person being collected against to go back to the source and get the details.

I would wonder if he was OKd for Medicaid why the balance owed was not paid retroactively. Medicaid may owe that amount?
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Yes. DON"T pay another CENT until you get good solid professional advice from a lawyer. You should not have talked to a bill collector. That you did reopens this to them being able to bother you another 5 years before the debt expires. If you PAY ANYTHING you have assumed the debt. The bill collector bought this paper for 5 cents on the dollar. They are unlikely to proceed against you in court. If they do you can demand fully itemized bills which they almost certainly do not have.
You need to STOP right NOW. Don't make a move until you get the professional advice of a lawyer. You could do yourself thousands and thousands of dollar worth of harm if you do, and for no reason whatsoever.
Take all papers that show if you assumed this debt. Because it was your father getting the care. If his estate has no money it is very unlikely they will enforce any laws about children having to pay. Did you sign something saying you would be responsible for your Father's care.
Seek help. HURRY. You are badly in need a good advice.
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Arcmiddle14 Jan 25, 2021
Thank You
I have an attorney
unbelievable what we go through
your right they probably have no details of the bill
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