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Boxing, eh? That's fascinating!

Rocky, your profile doesn't contain any location information, so I will only offer general suggestions. E.g., if you were in SE Michigan, I'd suggest the Rehab Institute of Michigan. You might try searching on that term; there are similar facilities in other areas.

Another option is to search for home health care companies that work with Medicare. These are typically ones which provide in home therapy post rehab, so they might not provide care long enough for you. But I've found that some with "advance" people who visit hospitals and rehabs to generate referrals are also in tune with home health care in specific areas. One provided good references to private duty companies.

Private duty is another option; these would offer services, on a private pay basis though. You'd have to search your local area to find them, or you could contact the Alzheimers Assn. or Area Agency on Aging for referral lists. Alz. Assn. is quicker than AAA; I got referrals e-mailed to me in 1/2 an hour.

I think this probably your best bet: call various agencies and ask about Parkinson's specialists. You might have to decide whether or not you want someone specifically with that specialty, or if you want to try a general PT program. As Mom states, they are trained in the issues underlying movement and limitation of limbs, and can apply those specific techniques to people with PD, those recovering from fractures, and a variety of similar issues.

There are also hospital affiliated and commercial PT companies that do bill Medicare; you would have to bring your wife to their facility, so that may be something to consider. They have far more extensive equipment and range of exercises than in home health care, which is severely limited.

Another option is to find out whether or not the Dance for PD organization has programs in your area. This is Parkinson's specific, dance movement started by ballet dancers who wanted to extend their support and knowledge of movement to those affected by Parkinson's.

The US link is: If part of the URL is removed, google Dance for PD, then click on US. (I was surprised to find there are 6 places in my area that offer this program!)

One of the benefits of this kind of program is being with others who are traveling the same road. Those who have trouble standing can "dance" with their arms, while seated. I've watched tv programs on this movement and am VERY impressed with it.

If you get PBS channels in your area, search their websites and see if any programs will be aired.
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Physical therapist are highly trained individuals. Usually about seven years of education.
There probably are ones who specialize in Parkinson’s. I’m not sure. But they will all have been trained on dealing with a Parkinson’s patient. Like anything, some will have had more experience than others.
I know that my aunt (81) who has had Parkinson’s for several years and is now on hospice, takes a boxing course which her daughter says has been very helpful. Rock Steady Boxing is one I found just now on the Internet. Try looking online with your zip code and see if it’s in your area.
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