How truly Blessed it has been for me to discover this wonderful site at one of the toughest times of my Life when I needed direction while caring for my late Mother RIP, who suffered from Alzheimer's and passed away in June 2016. Thank You all each and every one you for helping me through this time. I remained until now in an attempt to give back encouragement to new Carers and answer some of their questions too, and since I'd never wish to out stay my welcome I feel it is time to go. You are all very special People and I will never forget You. A zillion thanks for every thing.

Now beam me up Scotty, take me away. Kind regards Johnny xx

Hi Johnjoe, I agree this IS a wonderful site! - sending you good wishes for your future life🤗
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Johnjoe, you are very welcomed. It was so nice that you had stayed on to give advice to the newcomers to this forum.

There does come a time where one need to hand over the baton to someone, especially when one has new found freedom to explore what we had lost for ourselves while in the thick of caregiving.

Say hello to Scotty for me :)
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Come back soon, Johnjoe.
You are always welcome , as I have heard from posters how kind you are, and I have read how you have given back.
Bring Scotty with you.
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Sorry to see you go. Hope the future brings you peace and love.
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