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Hi everyone many thanks for all your help and advice I received over recent months about mom. She is at peace now, she passed on 8/9/18 a day after her 95th birthday. She had a happy healthy life until Jan 2017 when all her health problems came about one after the other. She became unwell with pnemonia on Tuesday and slipped into a coma from which she never woke up, so I know she did not suffer, and I am very grateful for that. Thanks to all the kind people on this site who were a great comfort and help in my time of need. God Bless you all. Frankie xxxxxxx



Sending you hugs.
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So sorry for your loss
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Oh, Frankie, I am so sorry. May sweet memories of your mother bring your peace.
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Frankie, sending you prayers and peace. I’m so sorry.
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Dear Frankie, I'm so sorry for your loss. Be well and comforted by your good memories.
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Dear Frankie 22

I send you my deepest sympathies and love.
I am happy that your mum passed with peace and dignity.
Peace will follow for you soon.
You have a lot of happy times to remember.

Take care
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