If I have minor invlovement with an object, I tend to fall. Why?


I just fell when my right foot was entangled. I went down like a sack of rocks. Normally (or usually) I would bust on through the event, and not fall. I fell earlier also in this week when I clipped our coffee table, down on the carpet I went. And this was a "minor" event, but I fell anyway.



I found wearing my sneakers around the house was my downfall. I seem to do better in my bare feet. I have socks in the winter with rubber stuff on the bottom to keep from sliding. Seems the rubber soles on the sneakers "catch" for a better word, sending me forward.
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Too many people are ready to write things like this off as simple aging but it could have a neurological origin, if I were you I'd mention it to your doctor.
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I inherited clumsiness from my mom and her mom. We can fall just looking at a patch of ice in the winter. If there is a cord on the floor, the dog’s toys or anything else, it’s absolutely a trip hazard for me. My dog goes out on a cable and I have to be extremely cautious when I’m out with her.

I have learned to slow down. I don’t try to “bust through” anything because if I DO fall, the injuries are much worse. I look down when I walk, keep eyes open for things on the floor and take my time. I always use railings if available. I’m way too old to skip merrily on my way and have had to realize that “slow and steady”, with cautious eyes open gets me where I’m going safely.
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oneoldguy, as we age we tend to lose some of our balance, thus it is harder to correct ourselves.

I recently read if you practice putting one foot in front of the other that will eventually help you with your balance. Same with standing on one foot for 20 seconds [good luck with that !!]. Make sure someone is with you when you try this, or that you have a sturdy chair you can grab.

My sig other is always running into something low or stepping on something he didn't see on the floor, like a cat toy. He doesn't fall. I believe for him it is his eye glasses. He has ti-focals so when he is walking he is looking down through the reading part which would make everything low look blurry.
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