She has limited mobility, very alert.

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My mom is planning to go out of the state for one day this summer. My dad is very sick and she's afraid to leave him alone. We ended up asking community care to step in and they have decided that it would be best if he had a life alert button thing to wear around his neck (She tries to be home as much as she can but she also has to leave the house for her volunteer work and other errands). If you have community care in your area, then check it out. Before community care, when Dad was left alone, we always had someone checking up on him daily and a list of phone numbers for him to call if he fell down (Neighbors, friends). It worked out well. If being gone for longer than a day, then maybe ask someone she trusts to spend the days and nights with her. If that's not possible, then look at respite care. I am new to whole caregiver thing so I hope that my advice will be helpful to you.
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Not sure what you mean by limited mobility. Can she get to the bathroom and bathe on her own? Is she a fall risk? Can she move around her home with a walker or a cane? Can she prepare her own meals? All of that matters.

I assume that you have to help her move around in her home and help her physically whenever leaving her home.

I assume there is nobody to take care of her while you have a vacation. So, yes, you need a way to get respite services.

Is she is eligible, based on ADLs, for Assisted Living (even though she is not living there), there are Assisted Living places that have temp status; she could go into Assisted Living on temporary respite status; I had my mother do that for a max of 30 days --- originally it was to be for 10 days, but we extended it ---- because we all needed the break and we actually thought it might work out for her long-term (it did not). It would involve a lot of paperwork, payment in advance, but it could work for you.

It might be less expensive to hire a Live-In to stay with her while you go on vacation. Also, paperwork. There's always paperwork. Go through an agency. So you know that there has been some vetting of the caregiver. If it's only a week, and your mother sleeps through the night, so that the Live-In can get 8 hours interrupted sleep, you should be able to find an agency who can provide a Live-In for a week. You have to pay a daily rate, and pay for the caregiver's food.

I wish I knew of a free or very inexpensive option for you, but I don't.
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Look for "respite care" in your area and see if any of the nursing homes offer it.

Alternately, you could arrange with an agency for caregivers to come and stay at your home -- but this will likely be more expensive.
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