He is bedridden but he can talk and feed himself. How do I go about getting a nurse to come into my home to check on him?

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taamekadavis1, one quick question... what does your Dad think of this idea or have you discuss this with him? Maybe he has developed new friends at the nursing home who are in his own age group, and wouldn't want to leave.

Bringing someone home who has been living in a nursing home is very difficult. You would need to set up your home as though it was a nursing home. Dad would need a hospital style bed... a lift of some type so he can be transferred to a wheelchair, etc. And other items that one finds in a nursing home. When Dad uses a wheelchair, the hallways and door frames would need to be wide enough. Plus a ramp built to wheel Dad out to the car.  The bathroom would need to be updated to handle a wheelchair, etc.

Hopefully you have others in the family to help you, as there is no way one person could work 168 hours per week. Remember, you would be on call all day and night. If you notice in the nursing home, it takes a village to take care of the patients.

May I suggest you spend several days and night at the nursing home [if allowed] to see the type of care your Dad needs.... the behind the scenes items... this might change your mind.

As for a nurse to check on your Dad, your Dad primary doctor can write a script requesting a nurse to check Dad once a week, usually it would be his vital signs, and then she would go.... Medicare usually pays for this, but it only last for a few weeks. The nurse wouldn't be doing any hands-on care, you would need to hire someone.
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While it is admirable that you wish to care for you Father yourself, taking care of bedbound patient, no matter how pleasant he might be, is a very difficult job to do all on your own, and you will soon be faced with caregiver burnout! So unless you have and can afford to pay for, 3 shifts of skilled nursing care. It is almost unmanageable.

I know it might seem very sad, seeing your Dad in the Nursing home, but he is there for a reason. The folks caregiving, get paid to do their work in an 8 hour shift, and thence get to go home to their families, recharge, and return another day. You will not get that, doing this heavy job all on your own. Your life will be forever tethered, and you will even find it hard to run to the grocery store once a week, let alone leave for any other reason.

Once a person becomes in need of full time Nursing home care, it's very difficult to bring them home and do them justice, providing them adequate care on your own, or even with a few hours respite daily from the help of nursing services.

Please, rethink this plan, for your own well being! There are many other ways in which you can make his life pleasurable. Visits, bringing in a pet to visit, treats, maybe a hanheld video player, to watch movies on, or a handheld game player. Books, magazines, a radio and headphones. So many things to help him to pass the time, while awaiting a visit from you.

Are there others who can visit him, family, friends, old co-workers, or clergy?
Try thinking about other ways in which to keep him occupied and happy.
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Why would you want to do this? Moves are very difficult on the elderly. He has the care he needs. Who decided he should be in a nursing home? Who has his POA? What does his doctor say? He would not be there without a doctor's prescription.
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