I try to use the bathroom, but I leak right before I get there. Why is that?

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urge incontinence. Discuss it with your doctor.
Until you get it under control (and you can with help) get some 'Tena Lady'. They make different types for different situations. I ask for ones for a 'leaky lady' then smile. Good luck. See your doc for help. :)
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Kegel Exercises - do them. They work. Unless there is some underlying disease, this is due to weakened muscles which can be strengthened.
yourmom101, welcome to the golden years. So many women as they age are finding that we can't dash to the bathroom quick enough. For me, if I sit too long in front of the computer, as soon as I stand up, I need to make that made dash. Sneezing is also a trigger.

Golden is right, do the Kegel exercises. I need to keep reminding myself to do them.
ff - It's the third sneeze that does it for me. ;p Kegels have helped me a lot. You just need to keep practicing a few times a day once you have built up some strength.
Can I join your group? LOL as I have the same problem. When I was young I never dreamt that my body would act like this when I aged. My mother and dad never complained so I never even had an idea that these kind of things just happen as you age.
Yourmom, if you are not familiar with kegal exercises they are very simple. When urinating tense muscles to stop flow. My PT said count to 3 release, do 10x per bathroom run. I couldn't even stop flow for first month. Then as you are sitting do the squeeze as often as you remember, I do it in heavy traffic to redirect my frustration at textors holding up the flow of traffic.

I have never checked but there might be videos on internet explaining the how, when and what. This can be dealt with, so chin up😀
As others have answered, “Senior Spritzes” are perfectly normal for us “ladies of a certain age”, especially those of us who’ve had children. When I turn on the tap in the sink, I most often have to make a beeline for the bathroom. The pads are wonderful. Be aware that the regular pantiliners don’t work as well. They seem to hold moisture and that can be uncomfortable. I use Poise. More important than the brand is finding a pad that works for you.
Kegel exercises are targeted and excellent. Working to maintain greater overall strength (muscle tone) and fitness helps incontinence and has many other benefits that contribute to higher quality of life as we age. It's never too late - every bit of physical activity helps - start today. 
It is probably better to do the Kegels separate from urination time. From the Mayo Clinic website (just google Kegel mayo):

Don't make a habit of using Kegel exercises to start and stop your urine stream. Doing Kegel exercises while emptying your bladder can actually lead to incomplete emptying of the bladder — which increases the risk of a urinary tract infection.

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