Incontinence products that don’t leak?

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We use Depends extra absorbent “heavy” pull ups for Dad. At night, he seldom wakes up to use the urinal at bedside.
Why do all the adult diapers leak? Baby diapers don’t leak. Is there an item that I just haven’t found yet? We’re desperate!

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I haven’t found one yet and hubby has been incontinent for over a decade and on diuretics as well. Some brands have been recommended on this site, but, at least for us aren’t cost effective. Since adult diapers have some sort of gel inside with a barrier sheet, even double diapering and using pads inside doesn’t work. One fills up and then just overflows onto sheets and clothing.

I believe we tend to change our babies more often because, well, it’s easier than changing an adult. My husband is around 330 lbs. and it’s not easy.

I have considered an external catheter, but hubby protests. The only thing we can do is change them more often. Or, perhaps get a commode chair for his bedroom. Then he wouldn’t have to deal with the urinal at night.
I think baby diapers don't leak because a baby's intake is less than an adult's and they have less output because they're proportionally smaller than an adult. We're always concerned about dehydration in elderly people so we encourage fluids on a regular basis which probably makes for a soggy, messy morning.
Trust me - I’ve been dealing with diapers - infant thru adult - for almost 25 straight years - they ALL leak at some time or another.

The trick is finding the products and the right combination- along with other routines- that minimize the leaking.

Different things work better for some than others. There is no “one size fits all”. Pun intended.
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My mom wears diapers and we have tried all brands they all leak.What I would suggest is using bed liners underneath him as not to soil the sheets and get a waterproof cover to protect the mattress.
Last week another caregiver asked the same question. I printed the answers (and have lost them!), but there is a cover that goes over the adult diaper. This cg used a depends + a pad + the cover. I'll look and see what I can find from last week and share it.

OK - I found it! Follow this link to some great suggestions:
My mom is in a ALF and they put two diapers on her. When one gets soiled, they it tear on the side and remove the soil one, then they put pad in until that one is soiled. Two diapers may do it or extra pad. Of course, she has to be cleaned in between changes.

OK, I don't know why this come up constantly because double diapering DOES NOT work. If you think about it, the pads, pullups and brief all have a moisture proof backing so nothing can get through to the second layer except by overflowing around the edges, and that generally means down the legs. Plus it isn't cost effective, you would be better off to pay for one more expensive brief than two cheaper ones.
better suggestions look at diaper doublers or inserts like this
After trying other brands, finally found the holy grail of adult diapers: Abena flex M3.

The next thing though is that they gotta find a way to make odor free diapers.
We use FitRight briefs with a pad insert.

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