I can't remember names, or words which I know.

They say the reason us older people have a hard time remembering is because we have too much stuff up there.

I agree though a good physical with labs would be a good idea. It could be your Thyroid it effects a lot of things. Labs will show what you are lacking.
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A normal part of aging until it isn't. I so agree to go for a baseline evaluation. Other day I was trying to explain a nasturtium I had seen. Could not come up with the name. Later, of course, when not needed it floated right on into my head.
So some online research to reassure yourself as well. There is a lot of information out there on memory and aging.
Are you remembering to pay bills, and etc. If you are doing OK with activities of daily living I would not worry over much. However, if you start putting butter in the cabinet and your cell phone in the refrigerator it is time to worry.
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Make an appointment with your doctor for a full check-up. Don't panic until he gives you something to panic about.
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