I live with my mother but can't work for I have to take care of her, how do I get paid?


I have 3 children.



It depends on your state of residence, but family members seldom get paid a living wage to be caregivers. In addition, there is no healthcare provided for the caregiver themselves and you also have 3 children. It’s almost like it’s not a “job” as such to be a caregiver for a family member, it’s a duty or a choice, like volunteering. When I filled out an Internet survey for possibly getting paid, the only answer in my state was to take out a Reverse Mortgage on our home for money. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.

It might be better to explore other avenues and not quit your job. Perhaps Mom can afford Home Health Care while you work. If she cannot be left alone, maybe filing for Medicaid to place her in a facility would work.

Research all other options before you enter into any caregiving. The realities of caregiving are very seldom what they seem like “on paper”.
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If she is of sound mind, not suffering from significant dementia or anything like that, your mother might agree to pay you for caregiving services - this would be to compensate you for not being able to work because you are looking after her; and also because you are providing her with support that it would cost her a great deal of money to buy in.

If your mother is not able to agree to this, or can't afford to pay you, then we will have to think again. Other posters will know much more than I do about what your options might be.

If it's not an intrusive or silly question, how were you previously supporting three children?
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Rebecca, the vast majority of grown children who take care of a parent do not get paid.... unless the parent can pay from their own retirement fund. If your Mom can budget to do that, then she should consider hiring outside help so that you can return back to the outside work force.

You could check with your State Medicaid [different from Medicare] to see what programs are available. Some States do offer payment to grown children who take care of their parent.... note the payment would be minimal. Not enough to add to your own retirement fund.
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