I have read that you can not be appointed a fiduciary by the VA if you ever filed bankruptcy. Does that include bankruptcies more than 10?

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Automatically, no. But depending on the circumstances and your more recent credit history, it may be a basis for rejection. Really the only way to find out how the VA would view your application to act as fiduciary is to go ahead and ask them.
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Thanks Countrymouse. I looked through the Field Examination process. It addresses the suitability of the fiduciary, (credit check, background, bankruptcy, etc) but doesn't give qualification parameters. I have a discharged bankruptcy in 2003. Will that 2003 Bankruptcy alone, automatically disqualify me to be a designated fiduciary?
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This is not necessarily true.

If you to to the Department of Veterans' Affairs you will be able to find all of the subjects covered when the VA assesses a candidate's application to act as a fiduciary.

There are an awful lot of long and complicated forms; but the salient one is "M21-1MR, Part XI, Chapter 2, Section A. Field Examination Process."

This explains, among many other things, that a negative credit history must be investigated but does not *necessarily* disqualify an applicant. It depends.

If I were you I'd give them a ring, explain the circumstances, and get their advice.

Whatever you do, do NOT tell yourself that if events are more than ten [years old?] they don't count and you don't have to disclose them. The whole point of this exercise is to demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness, no?
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