POA won't protect everything consistently from what I am reading but I am also seeing the liability of knowledge of limitation is putting a risk factor out there for others as well. IE knowledge such as if you have seizures and drive before being seizure free for 6 months in the state of Ga.

I would like to know more about how to proceed. The days flip back and forth so anyone could go get a tow truck and fix or bring a new fob etc.
but any newer ideas? Two doctors are on board with LBD diagnosis but sounds like that is not enough.

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Your post is hard to decipher.

Let me know if my understanding is correct.

A male family member has LBD.

Is he also having seizures?

Someone other than you is POA. What is the POA doing or not doing about this?

2 doctors have said he should not be driving.

You feel that the male will call AAA if the car is disabled, or order a new key, if the key is taken away.

Have the doctors reported him to your state DMV for a medical exam and retest?

It would be much easier for others to comment if you state relationships. Who is the male, your hubby, Dad, grandfather, uncle, brother? Who has POA?

Where I live seniors have to have a Driver’s medical every 2 years over age 80. If a doctor refers them for testing it can be done at any age. A doctor can call for a licence to be revoked temporarily or permanently.
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In most states DMV you can anonymously report him online and provide the information about him driving w/seizures and the contact info for the PoA. I think that's as much legally as you can do. The only real solution is to physically remove the car so it can't be found but if you're not the PoA and don't have permission to do this you will get into legal trouble if car is reported stolen. It's possible this person would just borrow someone else's car. Or you can call the police when you know he is actually on the road. Best to give description of car and license plate number if you know it. If you are local to the bad driver maybe form an alliance with his neighbors and have neighbors call you or police when they see him drive off his property. Good luck!
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I had a similar situation. Dad would stop taking his meds, sugar went so low he was delusional. He would drive totally out of it and be on lawns and hit mailboxes. The doctor told him no driving. When he straightened out his meds he wanted to drive again. We all knew from what the neighbors told us it was just a matter of time. The ONLY thing that got through to him was me saying Daddy there are small children playing outside. How would you feel if you hit one? Dad loved the kids. He went in and out of Nursing homes. One day totally lucid I showed him pictures of his car. He accused us, his own children of damaging the car. I said you don’t remember hitting the tree in your driveway? He did remember.
My suggestion would be to try to find something that would make him think “what if”. A person, a child, a dog, etc. if no luck, I’d definitely report him to DMV. Because of “what if”. It will not only devastate him but you also. I’d rather deal with a angry Dad then have to deal with anyone losing someone because he shouldn’t of been driving.
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