All tests negative for anything. His issue started immed. after knee replacement. Muscle spasms began in leg, but spread to other leg and sometimes abdomen. Cleveland Clinc only found a little stenosis and suggested surgery which did nothing. He fell two years ago and broke 3 ribs. Since then, he leans sideways terribly, and the rehab Dr said a brace would weaken his muscles. Nothing offered to help straighten him. He needs assistance with everything and a great fall risk - especially falling backwards. He can walk with a walker, although more of a shuffle dragging the one leg.
The big problem is that he desparately needs a shoulder replacement, but he leans to that side. Orthopedic Dr gives him cortisone shots which helps minimally for maybe a month.
There may be no solution, but he is in excruciating pain, and I don't know what to do or where to turn. Pain management tried a opiod patch with no relief. Hubby takes ibuprofen or Tylenol. If the shoulder could be replaced it definitely would help with walking. He is now 72 and I'm worn out having to help him stand and walking with him everywhere etc etc. Any suggestions, especially for the leaning and shoulder. Thanks

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Sounds like your husband could benefit from a physical therapy evaluation. His medical doctor can easily refer him.
They have a bunch of "gizmos" that could help him straighten out. It's worth a try.
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Thank you for responding! I know this is probably beyond what anyone can do, but just so frustrated with not getting him the help he needs from the medical community. Yes, I do have an aide who comes. She sits with him when I need to go to the store etc, but he fell twice in Nov for her. I need someone who is strong, but there are very few male caregivers and haven’t found one yet. I had one but he moved. Yes, the dr says he needs a shoulder replacement but won’t do it and I doubt if anyone will since he leans that way. And yes, I have to do everything for him. He also has two torn ligaments in his right wrist and can’t use it without pain. Cortisone and a brace for that. So he’s a mess and I’m tired! Thanks again for caring, tho.
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Does the orthopedic doctor think your husband needs a shoulder replacement?

You have your hands full and I can understand why you're worn out. Have you considered in-home help from caregivers? What happens to your husband if you are no longer able to care for him? You need a break.

Other than helping your husband to stand and walking with him everywhere I imagine that you also dress and undress him, get him to his doctor appointments which includes having to get him out of the car and walk with him into the office then back out to the car again. No wonder you're exhausted!

I can't advise you on your husband's tendency to lean or his shoulder, I'm not a doctor, but I hope you'll consider getting some help. Who's going to care for you if you get down from caring for your husband?
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