He is newly diagnosed with dementia.

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When my dad was newly diagnosed after his stroke - his behavior was very aggressive toward my stepmom - the doctor prescribed medication which really helped his behavior.
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Dot, patients often take out their frustration on the ones closest to them that are helping the most. Years ago, I remember my Dad giving my (blessed) Mom such a hard time. It drove me and my sibs nuts.
But back to your husband. I agree that he should be assessed by a therapist. But, since he is in the early stages, I'd also recommend some fun, 'normal activities --- while he can still enjoy and participate.Maybe he feels he will never do 'normal' things again. The events may be different but with dementia, the best abilities are today, not next year.
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Dot, the person you need on your team is a geriatric psychiatrist. You need to get your husband seen and describe his angry outbursts.

Dementia is often accompanied by depression, anxiety and agitation. Meds can help these symptoms. Caregiving is hard enough without being verbally abused.
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