Will he qualify for Medicare and Medicaid if I quit my job to care for him full time?

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How old is your husband? States have chosen to expand Medicare or not, so whether he will qualify is a local question, but one very much worth asking.

Whether he will qualify for Medicaid depends on his medical needs and also your financial situation. Again, this is well worth pursuing. Caring for someone with dementia can be extremely financially draining, as well as emotionally draining, of course. Take all the help that is available to you! You need to survive the years with his dementia and also come out the other side not impoverished and not emotionally crippled.

Medicaid would provide many financial benefits. But it does not provide a basic income. You will probably still need to work. This complicates things enormously. Would your husband qualify for disability payments? I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home. My husband also went to an adult day program, payed for by Medicaid. That kind of program is often a good solution when the caregiver also has to work.

I suggest you start as I did. Contact your local Human Services department and request a needs assessment for your husband. They will be able to suggest options, probably including Medicare and Medicaid. Start there.

PLEASE do not be concerned about accepting "charity" or going on "welfare." Your sudden and extreme need is not of your making, and that is exactly what these helping programs are intended to address.

Come back and let us know how things are going for you. There are many caregiving spouses on this site, and certainly can relate to your issues.
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