Hubby has awful rash from urine. Nothing works!

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My husband is bedridden and incontinent both ways. He has had a rash on his left side, from the bottom of his shoulder blade to his waist and in the creases of his stomach and leg. The rash looks like flat blisters. He is starting to complain about pain from the rash. I have used Calamine lotion, diaper creams from A & D to Pinxav and everything in between. I’ve used cornstarch, and bathe him with Ivory soap and vinegar in the rinse water as suggested by the HHC nurse he had this summer. I change him as often as I can. I’m his sole caregiver, have fibromyalgia and rolling this 300lb. + man over causes me a lot of pain.

Getting him to the doctor is almost impossible. We have a lift, a ramp and a power chair. He becomes anxious and frightened and tires out easily after just a short time in the chair.

I’m at a loss as to how to clear this up!

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It sounds like a yeast infection, you may need a prescription to treat it. Are there no doctors available for home visits?
As a follow up to the prescription we had good results using Barriere silicone skin cream by Wellskin as a diaper treatment and under mom's breasts (recommended by visiting nurse).
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Sounds like shingles to me. If you look it up, you'll see diagrams showing how the rash appears in "bands", and it is painful and miserable. If you can't get him to a doctor (or a doctor to him?) then call his doctor's office and ask if you can email a picture of it. If it is shingles, he'll need treatment.

And don't let anyone near him who hasn't had chickenpox.
Thanks, C. We were provided 3 or 4 different skin creams by his rehab. I’m going to call Home Health to see if we can get some more.
Thank you, Countrymouse. Yours is a good suggestion. I’m going to look up shingles to compare. I may call Home Health from this summer to see if they know of anyone. I like the picture idea too.
Oh, I wasn't even thinking of anything like shingles, I sure hope it isn't that Hugemom.
It sounds like shingles to me too. Needs antiviral meds.
Yeah sounds like shingles ..the blisters and shingles can form on any dematone ..and where it’s located and your description sounds like shingles ,,have you had chicken pox? You need to have a doc come to the house and get him on antiviral medication also you can get a creme to put on it .its called Zovirax’s contagious so it needs to be diagnosed by a dr to get him comfortable..what does the home health RN say ? I am a RN and can’t diagnose..but it sounds like it to me ,,the poor man must be in agony ,,please keep us posted
Besides getting it diagnosed( if it is shingles) Spray on lidocaine (like for sunburns) helped with the pain.
Ivory is the worst soap to use. It made my Dads rash worse. Sounds like husband may be allergic to something you use. I used Huggie baby wipes. Desitin baby cream. But blisters can become infected so I would check with ur doctor.

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