My 92 year old mom has a stage 4 bedsore by her tailbone. Hospice tells me nothing could be done just clean to prevent infection. How can I treat this sore and help it heal. She recently got an airbed which inflates and deflates, and I try to keep the pressure from that area. My concern is to help heal this area. Can anyone share remedies for this?

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Stage 4 bedsores in your loved one’s scenario will never heal. In order to heal, the person must have proper nutrition to make the new tissue needed to fill the wound in. These folks specifically a good protein intake.
In tandem with proper nutrition & hydration she’ll need to be repositioned every 2 hours, use an air mattress, etc. It’s a long journey and not always successful.
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Oh my gosh, at first I thought I had asked the question! My 92 year old mom has what I think is a stage 3 bedsore by her hip/thigh. Had a bedsore in 2009, then 2015. Wound care was able to resolve both occurrences. Don't give up, Arizona1! More irony...I am in Arizona!
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I think the problem with this kind of bedsore is there is hardly any tissue to regenerate for healing. Thats why it takes so long. I agree, you need a nurse who works in woundcare.
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I am not sure that I always agree with Hospice. There are many factors in developing a bedsore, some health/nutrition related and some mechanical/environmental issues such as pressure, friction, shearing, heat, moisture etc. Rather than Hospice saying nothing can be done, they may have been more wise to say...we don't know what to do. I have been dealing with bed sores long enough to know that unless you are speaking to a quality wound care specialist, you will find that many healthcare providers do not have the experience/education to provide accurate information about treating or healing a bed sore....especially stage 4. Treating a stage 4 bedsore can take months to heal. During healing, keeping the area clean to prevent infection is of the utmost importance. In regards to airbeds, I have learned that they are not all the same. Even though they claim to provide the same quality of therapy some alternating airbeds do not provide healing. Unfortunately if your mom was placed on a substandard alternating air bed and she continued to breakdown or do not heal the natural tendency is to rule out alternating air and/or low air loss for healing. If your mom received an airbed from Medicare/Insurance within the last five/six years, there is an increased chance that the airbed may not be as effective as they once were. If you mom is light weight (110 or less) the problem is even worse. I went through 4 beds before I found one that worked. I paid out of pocket for an Apollo 3-Port by Blue Chip. Although they do not sell to the public, they put me in touch with Purely. Make sure your mom is on a mattress not an overlay, the system offers alternating air with low air loss, it has an anti-microbial low shear/low friction cover, the pump is adjustable and if she is lightweight you can ask to have the pump pressure adjusted lower (below the lowest setting). I was doing everything you are but in my case the right airbed made all the difference in healing.
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Stage 4 bedsores can be difficult to heal and it would take many weeks or months so healing may not be possible for someone nearing the end of life, but treatment should be a quality of life issue. Talk to your hospice nurse about the best way to keep the wound clean and how to relieve the pain she must feel.
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Hello Arizona1,
I notice that you are living in Waynesville, NC. I did an internet search and found this website:

Care Partners has specialty nurses that treat wounds like your Mom’s Stage 4 bedsore. Bedsores are very difficult to treat and to heal especially in someone your Mom’s age. I suggest that you contact this company and tell them your situation and ask for any assistance or suggestions.

404 Waynesville Plaza, Waynesville, NC 28786
A: (800) 627-1533 / R: (828) 274-6847 / F: (828) 277-4892
Services: Specialized Nursing (WOUND, Parenteral -Enteral Nutrition), along with Nursing, In-Home Aide, Therapy, Medical Social Work, Telemonitoring, Pediatric Care, Psychiatric Care, Specialized Nursing (Wound, Parenteral -Enteral Nutrition), Specialized Therapy (Anodyne, Lymphedema, Vestibular).

Good Luck and God Bless.
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Hospice is not going to help you treat this ( my best guess) You will need to see a wound care specialist. Its a long journey .. Keep it clean , Change it a couple times a day and keep her off it
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