How to deal with pressure sores?


Mom is developing bad pressure sores on her bottom. We have tried everything: various zinc oxide creams, gabapentin, seen dermatologist and gastroenterologist. All doctors say to move more, get up and walk often, sleep on her side. Mom is 108 yrs old, and mobility is becoming an issue. Just gathering the energy to get out of her chair is hard, and she can only stand or walk for short times...minutes. Sleeping on her side is difficult, as it puts pressure on her old hip replacement, causing discomfort. She is in constant pain (primary doc terms it "chronic idiopathic anal pain", and admits there is no cure. Has anyone used a Roho cushion for this? It was recommended by one doc, but they are pretty expensive, about $400. Any suggestions?



I agree you need to see a wound care specialist . When i worked at nursing homes thats what we did . We had ones we called in . They were great and knew there business. However wound care in the elderly is a long rough business. Your going to have to keep turning her at least every 2 hours and use a bolster or wedge to keep her in position if necessary . If your need to push protein . My Mom loves boost and is about the only liquid she will finish a cup of . We mix it with ice cream sometimes too . Sometimes a little peanut butter works too. Talk to your wound care people or Doctors about a cooling pad or ice. I know it sounds simplistic . It works though. As a nursing home nurse you cant even give an asprin w/o an order and although usually those are standard orders for pain or fever . Sometimes things slip thru the cracks . Sometimes all we could do was a tied glove filled w/ ice ot alieviate pain til the doc called in and we got the med.
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My Mom has a Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad on her hospital bed and I think its what has helped her not develop any bed sores. We also use calmoseptine ointment. Both available on amazon. Good luck!
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Try your local hospital to see if they have a wound care center. Alternatively, there is a nursing specialty that includes wound care. The website, allows you to find a qualified nursing professional by zip code. These professionals have a great deal of experience and expertise.
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My father had a pressure sore on his bottom. He went to the Wound Center and ended up with a Roho cushion and a prescription alternating air pressure mattress on his hospital bed. Even with all that he ended up with a wound vac and it took four months to heal. The Roho cushion was great but than he is wheelchair bound and only able to stand for transfers. Wound care center was great and best way to go if possible.
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What helped my DH is Colloidal Silver Gel and I purchased Silver Miracles and it proved to be a blessing.
$14.99 for a 4 oz jar. A little goes a long way. I always followed this with a barrier cream and the one my DH seemed to prefer was Selan Silver, both available at Amazon.

I tried everything with DH's first pressure sore and the Colloidal Silver Gel was the first and only thing to actually start it healing. I don't know how to explain the need for the Barrier Cream but I used it faithfully and he never got another pressure sore. As soon as DH would say his bum was burning, this is what I did, starting with using diaper wipes to make sure there was no 'incontinence' caused by expelling gas.

This past year, when I had to clean him, I used the Selan Silver faithfully, following every single cleaning.

I also purchased the Beautyrest 3" Convoluted Foam Topper for the couch and his lift-chair.  He said it made him a lot more comfortable.  I later transferred it to his Hospital Bed when he was put on Hospice. I bought mine at Walmart, around $30 and easy to cut to size.

Bless you - 108? I only wish my DH had lasted that long - he passed 2 weeks ago, 4 months shy of 97.
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Dear Sister45,

Good of you to care for your 108 year old mom. I know its hard to find a good solutions sometimes. I know the pillow is expensive, but I would give it a try.

I hope others can add more.
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108... God bless !!!! I tried a basic roho mosaic cushion to start. ( approx $70 amazon) So far we've had healing ... down to a little redness we are watching. Since the Roho we haven't had any further skin breakdown...
We definitely also use the clameseptine with every depends change like others said. 

Mom's nurse (visits once a week to monitor the progress) makes the point about extra protein but the 3 bites of tuna or scrambled egg is not enough to make a difference .

I suggest trying the roho ... it's inflatable insert let's you choose how much give it has ( came with a hand pump) Mom was using a gel cushion when increased immobility lead too both buttocks having open sores. We did buy the less expensive Roho Mosaic and I figured if it wasn't enough I would exchange for the more $$$$ model.

Just my 2¢...Good luck !!!
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Thanks so much everyone for your input. My sister and I have tried all that you recommended...except for the Roho cushion, which is why I asked specifically about that. Mom is not wheelchair- or bed-bound. She also is very controlling and will not follow doctor's instructions or our suggestions unless she wants to. We have the Calmoseptine cream, Beaudreaux's Butt Paste, Magic Butt Paste, but Mom prefers to use Vasoline because it's "a good old fashioned remedy." I think she actually enjoys complaining and playing the martyr. However, her pain and sores are real and if we can find a passive solution, where all she has to do is sit, not apply some cream, try to get into an unusual position or get up every hour, we would pay the price. We just want to know if the Roho really works.
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Wound care nurses recieve special training so should know all the latest tricks.
When she is out of bed does she sit in a wheelchair? A recliner if she would accept it is a better choice with her legs up. Do you have a hospital bed? She does nt have to lie completely on her side just enough to take the pressure off and plenty of pillows for support like FF said.
At 108 she is on her final journey however long that takes so there is no recovery. Of course a high protein diet is a good idea but anything will help that she likes and can swallow. She has earned the right to do as she pleases and there is no changing her now. Just do all you can to relieve the pain. Now I have to look up Roho cushions as i haven't met that one
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Thank you on behalf of humanity on this earth that you are taking care of your beloved mother. Ok. Get a Roho mattress and seat cushion. If you have a primary care physician he/she can justify both. Before or after, I suggest you take mother to a Wound Care Specialist, usually they are staff in Wound Care Clinics that are adjunct to Hospitals around where you reside.
Hope it works, God Bless!!
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