I have a close friend who suffers from a rare condition called Chairi and she has asked me to be her live in caregiver. She mentioned that I could get paid by the state of Texas to do so. I am curious as to what agencies could get me started.

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Jeri, you need to think through this situation from all angles. As to whether the State of Texas would pay you, you would need to find that out as soon as possible to help you make your decision. This probably is funded through the taxpayers so note that the pay will be minimal and probably not for around the clock care.  Hopefully a caregiver who lives in Texas who is familiar with this program will answer some of your questions.

I don't know how much is involved with Chiari malformation, which involves the brain and the back of one's neck, what kind of daily care would the person need. From what I read, there are various degrees of this diagnosis.

You mentioned being a live-in caregiver, thus depending on how much care your friend needs, you may find yourself doing the work of 3 full-time caregivers each day. That is quite exhausting, and you will find yourself crashing and burning. If your friend needs some help, then this could be quite manageable.

Will you be leaving a full-time job to do the caregiving? If yes, how will you pay for your own health insurance? Or are you already on Medicare?
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