Credit card fraud!!! How to prove it and what to do!?

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The fraud is against my Mom who is 87 years old and has Alzheimers and it is steadily getting worse,she still lives at home and a daughter lives there also so there is your criminal!! Now there is a Lien on my Mom's house from a credit card place,and I did a credit report on my Mom and there is 16 negative accts. in her name!!! So I have called and called these places and none of them are able to give me the credit card application that was filled out so how can I proove any of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would talk to an attorney who might also know about elder law in your state. I understand it is very hurtful to find someone close using your mother's card. Try to get some professional advice and see what else you can do. If she is using your mother by making her sign things and or using any other means of taking money then go get them. Make sure you explain your concerns and what is currently happening. I would also get a social worker from your area on aging to me it sounds like abuse as well. I hope that helps.
Contact your local Adult Protective Services office. They take reports on the financial exploitation of the elderly and they can investigate. Even if you end up with an attorney, the report needs to be made to Adult Protective Services and they can get the local law enforcement involved from their end.
Let me give you answers from the other perspective. I am my mother's caregiver and my sister's have taken all her money in trust. She exists on social security and pension and has had to fall back on her credit card for help when things go wrong and break, as the trustee will not fork over money. The POA cancels the card and has accused me of fraud, which my mother has gone along with when she is with her, then realized she made the charges out of necessity to live on herself. Families are horrible in this time of a parents life. I am with my mother 24/7 and they have all the money - I have all the work and all the stresses. I am going for guardianship and know they are probably going to put up a fight, based on what? God knows for they never see her and rarely call. So don't paint such a horrible picture on the caregiver, we are not all dishonest. Some of us do the best we can under the circumstances robbing from Peter to pay Paul.
In response to mollyandme--I didnt paint the picture my sister did--and I'm sure your Mom has 16 credit cards against her!!!One more thing I cant even see my Mom---this wonderful person taking care of our Mom calls the police on us when we go by--so maybe you had better look at the painted picture a little closer--and yes the picture is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May I ask Why you can't see your mom? I don't understand their is always ways to work around seeing a parent. After My sisters came to our home and cursed and threatened my family because I wasn't home. I told them they were not welcomed at my home.Then talked to the facility here in town where they can see her without me around. The only thing is they have to pay now because Mom doesn't have the resources and they haven't paid for a day. I would pay to see my Mother.They choose to go and do shopping, eating out, and vacationing, and gambling over seeing their Mom. I know this may not be your case but see if you can work out a way to see your Mom that the most important thing right now. I know this wasn't your question I just feel their is somethings that are more important for our elders. I don't understand why their would be any need for anyone to have 16 Credit Cards! This isn't right. I am sorry that you believe your mom is being taken advantage of.
In response to RRcc--The police say that my sister is a permanent residence at my Mom's address and I am not--I live an hour away--dosent matter if its my Mom's house or not,and this sister claims to be the only caretaker for our mom.The police instructed me to call a lawyer,so that is where I am now. Thank you for your response!! I do hope to see my Mom before she dies,she is in the advaned stages of Alzheimer's--and yes I have talked to the Adult on elder abuse,and they told me to get a lawyer,aint that a kick in the gut!!!! all I can say is KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you sure it is your sister who opened the accounts? She may be the victim of identity theft. She needs to have her credit frozen and alerts put on her accounts. If it is identity theft, it may take a while and some professional help to get her finances back on track.
In response to JessieBelle--Oh yes it is the sister---she feels so guilty she cant even look us in the face-- she is the most conniving person I have ever known--she is a snake in the grass--people who have a family person taking care of a parent!! You had better OPEN YOUR EYES cause family's are the worst care-givers--they will steal all that your parents have,will keep you from seeing them,brainwash your parents--if you dont believe me,ask around and you will see what I am talking about!!! I have a lawyer and I am fighting for my Mom and it will be a battle of family against family!!! I Love my MOM and want to see her before she dies!!!
Jane - Credit card debt that is written off can come back and be a real headache later on in another way too. What happens often when a CC is written off, is that the CC company can issue the cardholder a 1099 - Cancellation of Debt for the whole amount including all fees and interest. It could be years removed from when the cancellation happened too. If your mom should get a 1099 Cancellation form, which will go out in Jan or Feb from the CC company, the amount is viewed as income. Yes, it's "income" and subject to taxes.

So if you're looking at 45K of cc debt, that could easily become 60K of debt cancelled due to interest and fees over time. Which become 60K of "income".

You don't want to just ignore this as it could affect your mom's whole financial situation as the IRS can place an IRS lein on assets if she didn't pay taxes on the "income", AND also her increased "income" can get her booted off of programs that have very strict income requirement. If you get this type of 1099, you have to file taxes for mom to show impoverishment so that she has close to zero tax liability. This is not a do-it-yourself project, you need a creative tax person to do the impoverishment filing correctly.

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