My husband, who has mild to moderate alzheimer's just moving into the problem areas associated with using a commode, overnight depends, keeping the bedding clean and dry. Looking for solutions to potential future problems. How have others dealt with these problems?

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Rainmom did a great job in detailing all the essentials you may need in the near future. I'd like to add a raised toilet seat. It can be purchased through a medical supply company or maybe Walgreens online. It fits right over the toilet but it's higher than the toilet seat and prevents the person from coming in for such a hard landing because it's raised.
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To be honest - I don't know how much one can plan ahead as there is a vast awry of problems that may or may not occur. But a few basics are - have the right size depends on hand and possibly addition insert pads if the person is a heavy wetter. Make sure they get changed frequently and be prepare with proper methods for disposing dirty depends - poopy ones should go into a sealed plastic bag and taken outside asap. For the bed you'll want a water proofed backed pad to either go directly under the person or under the fitted sheet - you may need more than one for a larger person or a restless sleeper. Invest in a good water proof mattress protector to replace your mattress pad. I use one that is a terry cloth top and a gortext back - plastic backs crinkle when you move and don't breath making for a sweaty sleep. If hubby is a night wetter experiment with when to stop/reduce liquids after dinner. If hubby is a night time pee-er and unsteady in his feet, consider a bedside commode or portable "urinal" bottle. Be prepared with cleaner and gloves for all the near misses around the toilet, floors and walls. Clorox makes a cleaner specifically for urine that is good for the bathroom. Get water proof pads for chairs and car as adult diapers almost always leak when not changed right away or the man is "positioned" wrong in the depends. Get a good cleaner for same car and chairs to get urine stains and smells out. Get a good detergent for the laundry that will treat same smells and stains on clothing. I'll stop there but I'm sure others will add many other good tips for preparedness. Good luck and try to keep a sense of humor if possible. Hope this was the kind of tips you were looking for!
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