You need extreme heat professionally applied to get rid of them. I used to manage an apartment complex and an elderly tenant brought them back to his apartment after a nursing home stay. The only guaranteed method is for an exterminator to generate extreme heat, other so called treatments aren’t really effective. If he’s in an apartment or nursing home the facility has to bear the cost, at least in my state. They can transfer to other apartments like cockroaches can. At a private house, it’s the homeowners problem.
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akababy7 Nov 15, 2021
Momma had then brought in by my siblings for seven months and I had to drive 5 hrs over there to clean them up. The assisted living charged us $475.00 each time they had to spray her apartment. She lives in Alabama
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Aside from calling in an exterminator? People from the forum have recommended cleaning and isolating everything you can plus liberal use of diatomaceous earth everywhere you can't.
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