My mom doesn't sleep, and she has Sundown Syndrome. When she's awake at night she eats one butterscotch after another and starts to choke on them while she's falling asleep. Her doctors know about her physical problems, but she is not being treated for any disease. She drinks all day long for her body pain. She has never been a totally reasonable or self-caring person, so I want to find out my options for forcing a change. I want to get her started on a medical route, otherwise she will convince everyone she is completely fine.

It's more like what isn't causing the body pain. She just went to her doctor on Tuesday. She goes to see him every 3 months. She didn't tell him about her foot problem, she needs to go to a foot doctor. She keeps saying I'm gonna go, etc. But... she only does what a doctor specifically tells her to do. For example, she has a problem with her jaw and the dentist said make an appointment with so and so, and she did, but she won't go for a follow up treatment. She has very serious GI issues. She has a GI doctor but she needs a much better one. And according to her, she's had excruciating rectal pain for about a year. She hasn't asked any doctor to check it, but her blood tests keep coming back normal. I honestly believe she has heart disease, and I think anyone with a family history of heart problems should have a cardiologist but she doesn't.
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I really don't want to be the bear of bad news, but if your mom is drinking alcohol all day than that means she has a drinking problem. Please do not just have her stop drinking cold turkey that can kill her. But you do need to get her help, rehab!

There is no point treating secondary diseases if you don't treat the primary one first. Being the drinking!

However, you can't make someone get clean and you can't make someone care about themselves either! I am sorry to say, "if someone doesn't want treatment no matter what it is you can't make them!"

Your mom needs to 'want' to get help until she does there really is nothing you can do!

Wish I could give you better ideas on what to do.

The best of luck and God bless you.
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She is 66. Yes I live with her. I'm looking to get her started on a definite path to treating sleeplessness and sleep apnea to try to reverse what is going on with her mind and body. And for someone to take an interest in monitoring her cognitive decline in case it is reversible or in case it is going to get worse.
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Tothill Jan 23, 2019
When you say she drinks all day, are you referring to alcohol? Who is providing it?

If you have been buying it, tell her you will not buy anymore until after she has gone to the doctor.

What is causing the body pain?
Maybe you can give a little more info?

How old is she? Do you live with her? Is she seeing a doctor regularly? What are you hoping to do?
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