My husband with dementia can get into bed but he will be on his hands and knees. He does not respond to my request to lay down and turn over. Has anyone experienced this with their loved one and how to solve this problem?

Have you tried demonstrating? Yesterday evening I was with a client who needed to sit about eighteen inches to the left of where he had sat on the edge of his bed so that he would be able to swing over to lie down and lift his feet. Verbal prompting didn't help - he just kept lying down. So I said

"[name], can you watch me, just for a second?"

Then I sat down three feet away from him on the edge of the bed, facing the same way, and moved myself up towards him. He copied me, got to the right position, and then we were able to get him correctly into bed.

Hope this might be worth a try :)
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Prayers sent.
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Have you tried having him sit on the side of the bed then you lift his feet up onto the bed pivoting him while you move the legs.
If you did not ask him to turn over how would he sleep? Has he been a stomach sleeper, back sleeper or side? If he has slept on his stomach that might be a more comfortable position for him.
If he is laying on his stomach it is "easy" to turn him over. It does take some practice and an extra sheet on the bed.
Once he is on his stomach gather the sheet with your hands at about the shoulder and the hip area. Gather it as much as you can up to his body then slide him towards you, almost to the edge of the bed. (hopefully this is not a king size bed) Then go to the other side of the bed and grab the gathered sheet that is near his body and bring the sheet over him pulling/turning him at the same time. Once he is turned over you can gather the sheet on that side and pull it a bit to smooth out any wrinkles.
Using a sheet to turn him or move him takes pressure of your hands and evenly distributes it so you are not actually pulling or pushing on the skin
(I hope that made sense)
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I too have difficulty getting my husband to bed. I sit my husband on the side of the bed and gently push his shoulder down onto the pillow with one hand while lifting one leg up at a time onto the bed with the other hand. Not easy because you are doing two things at once.

When you say you husband is on his hands and knees, do you mean he is in a crawling position in bed? Wouldn’t he lie down eventually when he gets tired or sleepy?
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I understand getting frustrated. After caregiving all day long by bedtime we are exhausted. Come back and let us know how it worked out. Sending you a hug.
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Hi Gardenlady. Maybe you can get him to sit on edge of bed and then he can lift legs up and then he’d be on his back already? Maybe pile up a blanket in the middle of bed so he has an obstacle that he won’t try to climb on? Maybe sit down on bed and try to get him to sit next to you? Good luck!
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gardenlady1935 Nov 25, 2020
I will try your suggestion. I get really frustrated. Thanks so much.
I am not familiar with your situation but I am bumping your question up to be seen by others that can offer solutions.

Best wishes to you and your husband.
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sunshinelife Dec 2, 2020
how do you 'bump a question up?" thankyou
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