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My aunt quit wearing her bracelet. She fell. We upgraded to a pendant that automatically called should she fall.
Went from $20 to $30 per month.
If you don’t have a separate phone line for the system you will not be able to call (during an event) unless they have a second line. I use cameras to see what’s going on after being notified by the service. (Usually just see aunt cutting up with two or three big burly guys).
All aunts usages have been accidents when she was taking off pendant.
It’s mo to mo. No long term contract.
Hers is associated with a local ambulance company and they just happen to park nearby. So response time is great.
My mother had one and would not use it even when she fell. BUT she had two neighbors who used theirs and it really helped them.
It won’t keep the fall from happening but it does give a measure of comfort knowing that help is a bit closer.
Plus I tell my aunts caretakers to press the button on the base unit if they need help rather than calling 911 because all her info is on file with the service and in her case it’s the same ambulance company.
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"Best" really depends on what you need, what you are willing to pay, and how into newer technology you are. And none of them will work if you can't get your loved one to wear it.
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