Major depression caused my mother to go to a psychiatrist. He prescribed various medications which in turn led to further sleeplessness. She is hospitalized now being taken off all meds but is not sleeping in the hospital either. They are thinking of sending her home!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Darn--I'd written a post but backtracked to see what your initial post said for further info--and lost the post.

Good thing that mom is in the hospital--just to get meds straightened out, right?

Insomnia is not a reason for a lengthy hospital stay, so you're going to have to be mom's advocate in this.

Did something happen suddenly to cause the depression? You need to be talking to her psych dr for info on what you can do and what you need to know.

There are SO MANY things that cause sleepiness and they can also have the adverse effect, so you're finding that out, firsthand!!

Does mom live with you? Do you see her sleeplessness firsthand or is she telling you this?

My MIL swore she hadn't slept in over 20 years. Well---one early morning she had burglars who came in her bathroom window, broke two huge windows and went through her jewelry and stole her big TV and she NEVER WOKE UP. Neighbors had called the cops and she didn't wake up when they were banging on her front door. Kind of made that sob-story of no sleep seem unlikely. And truthfully, she was actually sleeping/resting about 18 hours a day.

After the hospital, maybe a sleep study? If she has sleep apnea, that is terrifying, you feel like you're choking and you wake up all the time.

BTW--hospitals are the worst places in the world to "get some rest".

And another BTW--I am only 62 and haven't "slept through the night" for 40+ years. I get my 8-9 hours, but in short "bursts". It's super annoying, but only to me.

More info on mom would be helpful.
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freqflyer Dec 29, 2018
Midkid58, you are so right about hospitals being the worst places in the world to get some rest. The sights and sounds are all so different from home.

One time I called the nurse to complain that it felt like I was at the Holiday Inn and there was a party going on in the hallway. After that it was quieter, but I still couldn't sleep :P
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