I suggest getting one of the hearing amplifiers like this one where the "box" and larger switches are easier for elders to use.

Libraries now support checking out digital downloads of music, movies, and audio books from your computer or an app on your phone. Music from the elder's youth is often very enjoyable. My mother stills enjoys both listening to and singing hymns; we spend many enjoyable evenings singing for a hour or two. Mom likes listening to me play the piano too so I have made a few recordings. While professional grade recordings are better quality, my mother still prefers hearing the efforts of the daughter she took to so many music lessons over just about anything else.

Mom absolutely loves it when I apply lotion and cremes, trim and file her nails, brush her hair, etc. I think this is part physical contact and part just still something we do together. My mother is also independent so while I can assist with her bath, she still does as much as she can herself.

Soft sheets and comfortable clothes; everything frequently laundered so they smell fresh. Mom seems to enjoy food more now than ever - not only family favorites but also poptarts and some of the new Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.
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RBuser Dec 31, 2018
Wonderful suggestions ... thank you so much.
Maybe activities focusing on touch, like a gentle hand massage with a nice scented lotion, or holding hands?
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Although everyone fears blindness, I've been told that hearing is more important for quality of life, because of communication. As JoAnn says, try to get the best hearing aids and audio arrangements that you can. Most libraries have a range of audio books, and can get them in from other libraries as well. It's worth a try.
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You have nothing on your profile about Mom. How old is she? Does she suffer from Dementia/ALZ?

With what you posted, not too much. You could get her audio books and use ear phones so she can hear them. And I say ear phones because some don't like ear buds and the phones will drown out background noise. You can also play music for her this way. A nice drive. Problem is, if she didn't do it before its going to be hard to teach her now. My Mom was an avid reader. Dementia ruined that. She never put together puzzles or played cards. Didn't like games so where are you.

In the NH they did keep a blind woman busy by folding towels. When she was done, the aide would mess them up and give them back. The woman thought it was a new batch of towels.
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