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If your father is calling for you he probably wants to SEE you. He will likely call and call until you come. I've found that elders with dementia do not like to be alone, they want to SEE someone with whom they are familiar. My grandma used to follow my mom around everywhere - even into the bathroom! It was awful - my mom used a few tactics to help Grandma - she got her a TV for her room and put pictures of family on top of it. When she needed to use the bathroom - she'd ask grandma to peel potatoes or apples to "help with supper". She also got grandma lots of crossword puzzle books. Your tactics will depend on your father and his likes and cognition. What worked for a few months might suddenly fail so Mom experimented. I heard of someone putting a life sized cut out of John Wayne in the corner - grandma actually talked to him a lot. sounds mean but it gave the family a break to get things done. I've even seen some people set up a hospital bed in the living room so their elder can see everyone moving around them. That's quite invasive to family life but it only lasted a few months until their elder passed.
I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice from others who've had parents at home. Best of luck!
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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