...or is it "handing it out" ?

DH and I have been dishing out the $$$ for several years now for my father whose now in AL.
We have supplied him with a cell phone and paid for the minutes for years, payed outstanding bills for him and the ones that do keep coming etc etc etc.
He's on Medicare and Medicaid...AL gets his whole Social Security check of $645 plus he has not gotten the $90 allowed him since he has lived there since Sept...that's a whole other problem we're trying to figure out.
Anything the man needs he gets from us. Now we are to come up with $100,000 that the state wants for his property if we desire to keep the land in the family and in our possession.

I don't really know what I'm asking here, I just needed to whine I guess

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Do you mean Medicaid is paying for him to stay in the AL? His property is an asset. It will need to be sold for his care. No taxes or upkeep out of his money will be allowed. If you want the property, you will need to pay market value for it. Once it's sold, Medicaid will stop until the proceeds are spent down. Then u file for Medicaid again. Me, I would put it up for sale. He will still get Medicaid. If he passes, a lean from Medicaid will b placed on the property. You can pay taxes and upkeep but you may not get it back when property is sold, Medicaid comes first.
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I hate to sound like a broken record, but you might need to consult with an attorney. What bill does he have? When my mom was on Medicaid and Medicare, she had no bills. If I got a bill, I’d give it to the financial officer at the home and they took care of it.

I wonder if an attorney could advise you how to keep the family land without having to pay all that money. Also, as far as his personal account (the $90) I always got a statement, every three months, indicating the amount, deposit date and balance. If the amount got too high for Medicaid, they notified me to spend down. Good luck. Keep us updated.
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