I am 19 and had to quit school and can't get a job because I have to care for my disabled mom 24 hours a day who is totally dysfunctional after a terrible car accident. I already had her doctor sign the application, mailed it back to the office and now I'm waiting for a social worker to come home and evaluate her. Does anyone know how long this process will take and if I will recieve any back pay for all the time I have been taking care of her?

I see you are in LA. IHSS in California does give you back pay. You are aware that if your mom is approved, you yourself have to be hired by her and approved as the caregiver? Essentially she will be your boss. You have be fingerprinted and go through a background check. Pay is minimum wage in Los Angeles County-$11 an hour. My county pays $12.25. You won’t be paid for 24 caregiving either.

I dont know how long it takes for the social worker to come out and do the assessment, but it shouldn’t take that long. You can call Los Angeles County department of social services and ask. A county that large, they probably do have a back log of cases so it may take more than a few weeks before the social worker comes out.
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I am not sure what kind of care you are expecting. She is not on Medicaid and not in a nursing home. Her in home services will be very limited to a few hours, a few days a week. There is no such thing as pay compensation. She has to pay you and you are currently unemployed.
IF you look daily on this website you will see the same questions with the same answers. If she does get some disability compensation, it will be meant for her. How can both of you live on her meager funding?

Try contacting your local social services to find what options are available. You are both at risk health and financial-wise
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I'm not sure what you applied for, but, based on my experience, there are quite a few things that would need to be examined. Do you think that you applied her for Medicaid? Disability? I think I would contact whoever you mailed the application to, to ascertain what the status is and what exactly they are considering her for.

I suppose it varies by state, but, with LO, the financial application was approved that same day and then the doctor's signature on the needs assistance form was approved the day it was submitted, so, it was only a few days. Plus, time to get the TB test for the facility. They require that before admitting someone into the facility.
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What was the application for?

I am surprised that they did not encourage you to make an appointment with a social worker instead of just sending you home to wait.

There needs to be an evaluation for there must be other arrangements that can be made for her care so that you can get your GED plus extra education and build your own life.

I wish you the best.
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