I'm paid by the county to provide 5 hours a day care for a senior. She recently fell and needs extra care. I offered my time and the family took me up on that offer. I just worked a 14 hr day, being paid only for the 5 hrs from my agency. The family said they would pay me but haven't. Other days are 8 or more hours. Some only 7. I offered them a great deal with just $20 a day to stay 7-5 but got no response. Now I'm wondering if I did wrong by asking them to pay me. Help please, it's gotten out of hand.

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Suppose you got hurt during your non-agency hours. Would the family then make you claim workman's comp through the agency? That could get of the reasons why agency caregivers are often prohibited for working for their clients during non-agency hours (particularly if they are paid under the table).
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You sound like a lovely caregiver - conscientious, and considerate of your client's and her family's needs.

Alas. It seems that the family's happy acceptance of your practical and kind offer, not forgetting that the continuity of care you can provide is also ideal for your client, was based on the assumption that somebody else would be stumping up the cash. I.e., each of them thought that another of them would handle it.

So it's a pickle; but you're right to have spotted it quickly and realised that it needs to be got in hand.

You are contracted to provide 5 hours a day of care. It may go against the grain, but that is what you will have to stick to, at least until additional hours are agreed and signed up to. Tell whoever is your client's primary caregiver that that is what you will have to do until they have sorted themselves out.

And have you discussed your client's situation with your line manager, payroll officer, or whoever handles your hours at the County? If you haven't, and you're anxious because you ought not really to have negotiated these additional "under the counter" hours without authorisation, rest your mind - you are now putting the situation right, you are doing the right thing.
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Yes, you are being taken advantage of if they or the County are not paying you for the hours you work.

Have they gone back to the County to ask for more hours for her, since her needs have increased? That would certainly be a legitimate request. Can you suggest that to them as part of the conversation you need to have about your compensation package.
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