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Its all done on the internet now in NJ and very hard to contact someone if you have a question. Most employers have you apply online. You download your resume to an online agency the employer uses. For my daughter it was 3 different places. The employer laying you off sends ur information to unemployment. You have to wait a certain number of days till you can set up an account. Not sure if rules have changed but it used to be you didn't have to except a job for less than u were making or over 30 miles from your home. They make it hard to collect. Unless you have a good documented reason for quitting, you can't collect UE.
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Zim, if you can get unemployment, it is my understanding you need to go out on interviews, and what if an employer wants to hire you? Chances are if you say "no" to being a new hire, your unemployment would stop.
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No. You have to be layed off or fired. You cannot quit and expect to receive unemployment. There is the family leave act that will allow the care of a family member but only for 6 weeks and be paid. This would be a question for your HR rep. It may give you time to set up alternative care. By quitting a job you give up your benefits, healthcare being a big thing. Credit towards your SS benefits. Even if u could get unemployment, it only lasts 26wks. And, an employer could turn it down. They continue to pay into it while you are collecting. Your employer may have information to help you care for Mom.
If your Mom is low income, Medicaid has services where u get an aide. They help pay for Daycare. Your county Office of Aging may have aides available. I would research what services are available before I would leave a job.
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