I have been the live in caregiver for more than 5 years for my parent and they had to go to rehab after a short period of hospitalization, and they come out of rehab with a pressure sore (on foot) which took more than 6 months to heal. They state that it was already there as a deep tissue injury (which is not the case) and you know for a fact that this could have never happened under your care?

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When they admitted him he was examined from head to foot. There should be a record of that. It will show if he had a sore at the time he was admitted. If not, its their fault.
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Pressure sores do not happen overnight. They take months to grow. Also, hospitals keep meticulous records and would have recorded the sore on their initial exam just so they wouldn’t get blamed for it. If you are convinced your loved one got this pressure sore in the hospital or rehab and you are unfairly being blamed for it, contact an attorney and see if you might have a case for malpractice. Unfortunately it may be a case of “he said, she said”.
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