They are fine if the workers are honest and trustworthy. Mother has had dementia past 3 to 5 years. While I (the daughter) was deathly ill, and could not honor Mother by being her POA. , strangers crept in took over her life, got POA. and have been doing as they please. State Ombudsman told me 2 days ago that it was not in her medical records that she had been a prior patient at a lockdown dementia care facility for 2 1/2 months! The records were not there at all. I found a website at , a newspaper said elder abuse in facilities is rampant. Lawsuits have been filed, medical records are missing, bad altered, etc. This is totally frightening as this has occured in Mother's case. I reported this to elder abuse hotline, they are investigating. Meanwhile families must take great care about their loved ones,who are sufferring in facilities wherein dishonesty is rampant. This is a crisis for our dearly loved elderly are being mistreated. Who will protect them when you are not there?

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Sorry, what medical records is the Ombudsman looking at, the present NH? If so, the only medical information they would have is what they receive upon admission. If they aren't told about a previous NH stay, they don't know.

The only way you will get the POAs revolked is to get guardianship and that can be expensive.

They only way you can know if a place is good or not is to be there as much as possible. At different times. Mornings are usually hectic.
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